Dr. Richard and his wife Susan Amato are Clinical Clergy and Licensed Mental Health Counselors in Wellington, Florida with a passion to help addicts and those who love them recover from the horrendous brain disease of addiction. 

With over 46 years of experience between them, their international travels together helped them to see humans afflicted with addiction and those who love them are treatable and curable and in fact become the most productive members of any country and any culture by getting help from a recovery program that works!

Mrs. Susan Amato is a licensed mental health counselor in the states of Maryland, Michigan, and Florida. Susan is a communication expert with a passion to help married couples see, understand and change "The Carousel Ride" they are on in the rigorous day to day cycle called marriage. 

She works with couples to find the peace, serenity and the joy they deserve.

Susan Amato's main passion is to offer hope by helping people see their worth so they can dream and believe in what they are meant to be. She believes hope comes through being transformed one day at a time. 

 "It is now our divine destiny to show others that they have one."


Jen Brugger is passionate to work with clients who have cognitive, neurological, and developmental disorders, as she completes her master's degree in Mental Health Counseling.

She has chosen to be a Clinical Mental Health Counselor because it is something that is very near and dear to her heart. After years of personally experiencing depression, as well as, seeing several of her friends and family members suffering, Jen sought to find real answers...

Her personal success in fighting and overcoming symptoms of depression have proven her strategies promising. She and those she leads have become happy, functioning members of society.

"I truly feel the desire to end the stigma of mental health. I am destined to show others that although they may have depression, depression does not have them." Jen Brugger