Marriage Counseling

Dream, Believe... Transforming Lives Counseling offers a unique style of mental health counseling regarding the dynamics of couples. 

We believe one of the main things hindering a couple from having a great relationship is the negative cycle that goes 'round and round' between them. We call this "The Carousel Ride." Carousels go 'round and round', up and down and in circles. They do not have forward motion and go nowhere. 

Most couples are experiencing a similar dynamic.

In marriage counseling, we will put "The Carousel Ride" on paper so that the couple can plainly see the dynamics of their cycle. This cycle includes looking at the reactions of each individual. 

Each person will learn the reasons why they are reacting, what their defenses mean and how to replace the unhealthy reaction with healthy communication. We call this getting off of the carousel ride and moving forward. 

Understanding this addictive cycle and changing it will enrich not only the relationship of the couple but will also enrich their relationships with others. 

Eliminate hopelessness today and understand the dynamics of the Carousel Ride. 

There is hope!

"Being married doesn’t fulfill the dream of marriage. Two individuals who love themselves and each other make the marriage a dream."

Susan Amato